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Laura El Alam embraced Islam in 2000 and is a wife and mother of five. She was previously a columnist for InFocus News and currently writes for SISTERS Magazine, AlJumuah and aboutislam. While the many demands of motherhood often make her head spin, she finds serenity in reading, writing, and of course, Islam.

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The Beauty Balance - Every Woman's Dilemma

The Beauty Balance – Every Woman’s Dilemma

“Makeup and hijab.”  Type those keywords into a YouTube search, and you will encounter dozens of tutorials that feature young, headscarf-wearing women demonstrating the techniques and products they use to achieve a flawless look for Eid, weddings, or every day. Contoured faces, embellished lips, and enhanced eyes have become the new norm for many Muslim …


The Education Quandary: Private or Public Schools?

The Education Quandary: Private or Public Schools?

Editor’s Note: In this two-part series, the writer is trying to analyze different education options for Muslim families living in Western countries. In the  previous part, she talked about the pros and cons of  homeschooling and Islamic schools. In this part, she explores public and private schools. Public School Pros:  An obvious advantage of public …


The Education Quandary - A Guide for Parents in the West

The Education Quandary – A Guide for Parents in the West

Parenthood requires making innumerable complex decisions.  One of the most pressing and crucial choices that parents must make is where — and how — to educate their children. Today, parents have more options for schooling than previous generations had.  Public schools, private secular schools, and Islamic schools are available in many cities. In addition, mothers …


traditional school

10 Things I Don’t Miss about Traditional School

For four years my husband and I have been homeschooling our two older children, who are now in fifth and seventh grades. Prior to that, our kids had attended both private and public schools.  I am not one of those people who insists that only one type of education is the “right” one.  Homeschooling is …


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