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Lamya Tawfik

freelance writer of the Science Section

Lamya Tawfik, freelance writer of the Science Section.

Author Articles

New Beginnings: Unraveling Weight Loss Dilemmas

If you’re like most of the world’s population, one of your top three new year’s resolutions must be: I have to lose weight. You will also probably start the uphill road by going online and checking out if maybe, just maybe, there’s a new gadget, diet, pill, or anything that you’re unaware of which might …



Cuddly Pets: More Than Meets the Eye

I once met a person who said her family consists of four members. Next, she said she’s an only child. Doing the math was easy, so I couldn’t help but ask about the two-member discrepancy. “Oh! The cats of course!” was the answer that I got, but didn’t expect. Like this person, pets owners have …


Watching Udhiyah

Bloody Dilemma: Children Watching Udhiyah?

“I used to place little red ribbons on the sheep’s head. I knew that he’ll die but we didn’t see it happen. The slaughtering would happen while we slept.” This was how my mother recollected her memories of the udhiyah from her childhood. People in old Cairo usually buy the sheep a month before `Eid and keep it …


Preventive & Healing Wonders of Ablution

Nor does he say (aught) of (his own) Desire. It is no less than inspiration sent down to him” (Surat An-Najm 53:3-4). I have a confession to make. I never really took my time to make ‘ablution’ the way I ought to. By ‘ought to’ I’m referring to the detailed care that was encouraged by our …


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