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What is Shariah

What Is the Shariah?

To understand the essence of the Shariah, one must understand the relationship between man and God that Islam lays down. There is no god but One God; Muhammad is the Prophet of God: This simple sentence is the bedrock of the Islamic creed. God is the Creator; to Him alone, therefore, belongs the kingdom and …


Is Shariah All About Outward Acts?

Is Shariah All About Outward Acts?

In Islam, faith is not an abstract theological dogma, nor an intellectual creed, nor a philosophical proposition. It must spring forth into action in day-to-day life, extending from inner to outer, from individual to social, from moral to legal. It is the Shariah which translates faith and moral ideals into clear, definable, viable, and concrete goals, forms, …


Facing the Reality of Death

Why You Should Remember Death Always

Allah has created everything with a fixed life span. The Quran states: {It is not given to any soul to die save by Allah’s permission, and at an appointed time. } (Aal `Imran 3: 145.) Indeed there is no certainty in life except death. {Every soul will taste death.} (Aal `Imran 3:185.) Not only is …


What is Your Objective in Life

What Is Your Objective in Life?

When the lifestyle of one who is working solely for the material gains of this world is compared with that of a person who is striving for the everlasting rewards of the Hereafter, there is seemingly very little difference. In both cases, each person is seen to be striving to maintain a quality life. The …


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