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Dr. Karima Burns has been counseling as a Home-path for over 9 years. From the U.S. she is a doctor in Naturopathy, a Master Herbalist, and teaches with inspiration from the Waldorf school. She uses art, health and education to heal others.

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Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by thought processes' problems and poor emotional responses.

Natural Cures for Schizophrenia

Sigmund Freud said, “Psychoanalysis is not suitable for such diseases as schizophrenia and successful treatment will be found to be biochemical.” Some scientists and physicians, however, seem to have misunderstood the word “biochemical.” In the 1950’s, painful and typically ineffective insulin injections, barbiturates, morphine, and electro-convulsive therapy were used for schizophrenic patients. Modern medications are …


Biologically, no doubt that protein and meat are important part of human diet.

Existence of Vegetarian Muslim

The Prophet (SAW) said, “The superiority of ‘Aisha to other ladies is like the superiority of Tharid (i.e., a meat and bread dish) to other meals.” When one first reads the above Hadith, it appears to be non-controversial and simply stated to honor a strong and blessed Muslim woman. However, a vegetarian reading it might …


Ruku is very similar to the Forward Bend Position in yoga. It stretches the muscles and allows blood to be pumped down.

Yoga of Islamic Prayer

Called “one of the oldest systems of personal development encompassing body, mind and spirit” by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, yoga has become one of the fastest growing health trends today. It has been renowned for centuries for its curative powers of movement. Yoga consists of a number of “asnas,” or body …


Knowing More About Human Psyche: Part 3

As we continue identifying the personality of temperaments. We will now discuss the remaining melancholic and phlegmatic individuals. The Melancholic Melancholic individuals are typically self-conscious, easily embarrassed, and may be timid, or bashful. They may perhaps be confident, yet reclusive. They avoid talking before groups; when obliged to, they find it difficult. They are attentive …


Islamic medicine has relied heavily on the concept of temperament since the time of Prophet Muhammad

Personality of Temperaments: Part 2

Possessing knowledge of the different temperaments really enables us to bear with our fellow human beings more patiently. When we are able to realize that much of what we may consider as “defects” in others is really a consequence of the temperament that Allah has bestowed upon them, we can excuse them more readily and …


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