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Jinan Yousef is a graduate of the LSE and currently resides in the Gulf.

Author Articles

Thinking Well of God

Many people give up in the face of something seemingly impossible. Sometimes, we give up on an individual level: getting married, getting that job we want; sometimes it is on a global level, such as injustice in the Muslim world. But the point of the struggle is to realize who is in charge.


Nothing is Ever Wasted

This feeling of failure is actually a deception from Satan to deter us from trying. He promotes neglect: “Don’t work on your relationship with your parents, they’ll never change,” and makes us doubt: “do you really think that your tiny effort is going to have an effect?”…


A Source of Healing

We read about the trials of those before us, how they remained steadfast and God was with them – how then can we give up? We read that whoever trusts in Him, then He will be sufficient for him, that He answers all dua’ (supplication) – how then can we despair?


Loving Allah: The Greatest Aspiration

Many of us would say without hesitation that we love Allah. But there are different levels of love. Some of us may love parents more than siblings. We love all of them, but our love for our parents is over and above the love for our siblings. Yet the love that will give us true tranquility in our hearts…


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