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Assistant Editor of Science Section

Islam is the Assistant Editor of the Science Section since 2010. He studied Biology as a major and he's an Administrative Member in the Astronomical Society of Mahmoud Mosque (ASMM), Giza, Egypt. He achieved a Postgraduate Diploma in Anthropology from The Institute of African Researches & Studies, Cairo University.

Author Articles

Kosova Marks 10 Years of Freedom

PRIŠTINA – The main squares of Kosova’s cities have been decorated with state symbols, days ahead of the European Muslim country’s 10th anniversary of declaring independence that comes next Saturday, February 17. Slogans such as “Welcome to Kosova” and “From Kosova with Love”, featuring the colors of the Kosovar flag, have been placed around boulevards …



Happy New Year 6259, Egypt!

Every year on September 11th -or 12thin leap years only- Egypt witnesses the beginning of its “Egyptian Year,” the first invented calendar in the world. The story of the Egyptian calendar dates back to the year 4241 BC when Egyptians retired their old lunar calendar after discovering the discrepancy between it and the actual passage …


Ancient Egypt

Eternal Scientific Miracles of Ancient Egypt

For about the 6,554 time since 1264 B.C. the sunlight entered the Great Temple of Abu Simbel of the Egyptian King Ramses the Great, in Abu Simbel city, south Egypt. 1,130 km south of Cairo on the west bank of Nasser Lake, Egyptians celebrate the scientifically-miraculous man-made solar phenomenon of the solar illumination of the …


Antimatter: The Mirror We Didn’t Look At

Antimatter: The Mirror We Didn’t Look At

Science always taught us to think outside the box, get out of templates, step out of the crowd and put restrictions aside. A couple of years ago, NASA’s Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope surprised the entire world with an unexpected finding: “Thunderstorms make antimatter,” a bombshell which hit the world and especially scientists. Fermi telescope observed that …


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