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Holy lands

Holy Land – The Facts and the Friction

Before science introduced the concept of facts, religion had already instituted the power of faith. Faith that the prophecies of God will come to pass by observing, not breaking his laws. Faith that nothing is impossible for God.  Faith that  pragmatic and practical attempts at understanding the facts and the frictions surrounding the Holy Land …



Is Faith a Choice or a Gift?

Belief is a choice, and it requires an active conscious commitment to an intellectual process.  But faith is a blessing and not a choice.  Belief is an intellectual response to reality.  Faith is an emotional one. I will prove that faith is not a choice by soliciting the help of those who are obsessed with …



Spiritual vs. Romantic Love

There has been a tendency to mix between romantic and spiritual love, with a mistaken belief that both are just two faces of the same coin. While I agree that both emanate from the same sacred fountain of life, with an objective of creating enjoyable and serene atmosphere, there is a clear distinction between them. …



Fasting; A Hardship to Relieve All Hardships

There is genuine power in the practice of fasting that is recognized in almost every spiritual tradition in the world. Fasting, we are told, can purify the mind and elevate our consciousness by refining our perceptions; giving us a more meaningful perspective on reality. Self-restraint is an act of volition that can give us a sense …


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