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Heba Alshareef is a teacher and author of Release Your Inner Queen of Sheba! She has been mentoring women around the world to discover their unique talents, act on their aspirations to achieve great things, and find authentic happiness. She lives with her husband and five children near Toronto, Canada. Visit her online at: www.iamsheba.com

Author Articles

Have You Made Your New Year's Resolution?

Have You Made Your New Year’s Resolution?

Nadia has given up making New Year’s resolutions.  She says that she makes the same ones year in and year out and never ever keeps them for longer than a week or two.  “The whole process is an exercise in futility and a guilty, depressing one at that,” she laments. Research data from countless sources …


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When Prince Charming Never Comes

“When I hit 33, I actually posted my profile to a Muslim matrimonial website. That was the beginning of the end. I felt so much shame when I did it, not because my parents were unaware — they had actually encouraged me to ‘do whatever it takes before it’s too late’ — but because I wondered what was wrong with me.”


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