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The Qur’anic Verse of the Throne

Every thought anyone thinks, every word anyone speaks, and every deed anyone does of all the past, present, and future countless generations… Allah knows them in detail. Thinking this over, one cannot help but humbly say: {Our Lord! You comprehend all things in Your Mercy and Knowledge, so forgive…}


Know Your Lord

In this arrogant age, people are disinterested in heaven, and interested in clinging to earth; trusting the seen world, and deriding the unseen world; showing strong faith in themselves, and too little faith in Allah Who created them for a purpose much higher than that which they have in view or the end towards which they are working.


Muslim Prayer

Come to Prayer! Come to Success!

If we are worried and anxious – why not try God? Why not, as Immanuel Kant said: ‘accept a belief in God because we need such a belief’? Why not link ourselves now ‘with the inexhaustible motive power that spins the universe’?”


Who Other Than God?

The human mind naturally recoils from the thought of the non-existence of God. It may conjure up false concepts and images of God, but an instinctive feeling in the core continues to refuse and resist them. Can its maker be a stone, an animal, or a human? And it continues on its search for the truth.


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