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If Not for His Mercy…

One should walk towards Allah with feelings of deficiency. His Right is too great to be recognized and fulfilled; and without showering under His Mercy, there can be no salvation. Suppose people sacrifice their souls and wealth for His Sake.


How to Know Our Lord

To know Allah is to stand between His Hands, feeling He is what He is and you what you are. You, with your bare reality, are undecorated, without any pretenses. And He, with His Sacred Self, is absolutely perfect, and free from any defect, want, or insufficiency. You, as you really are…


1 Thing Makes You Stop Worrying

Man’s self is active all the time. If he does not busy himself with truth, it will busy him with falsehood. If it is not engaged in a fast and constructive motion of good works, efforts, growth, and production, it will be swept away by reckless thoughts and pulled into an eddy of trivialities and nonsense.


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