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Hannah Morris is a mum of 4 and she currently works as Counsellor and Instructor of BSc. Psychology at the Islamic Online University (IOU). She obtained her MA degree in Psychology and has over 10 years of experience working in health and social care settings in the UK, USA, and Ireland. Check out her personal Facebook page, ActiveMindCare, that promotes psychological well-being in the Ummah. (www.facebook.com/activemindcare)

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Religious Beliefs Shape Healthcare Attitudes

Beliefs shape attitudes toward health, influencing how people utilize healthcare services. For Muslims living in Islamic countries, this can lead to a straightforward approach toward healthcare due to shared beliefs between practitioners and patients. But for Muslims living in non-Muslim countries, healthcare can prove to be a much greater challenge. This is commonly due to …



How Are Hijri Calendar & Hijra Related?

During the life of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) in Arabia, people distinguished years by the major events that occurred within them. For example, the year when the Hijra took place—the migration of the Prophet and his Companions from Mecca to Medinah—was named ‘the year of the permission to travel’. During Caliph Umar Ibn Al-Khattab’s fourth year, …


Fasting Hours of Ramadan

Fasting Hours of Ramadan 2017/1438

As Ramadan draws near, many will have looked at the start and end times of the fasts this year, calculating how many hours they will be fasting each day. This year, Ramadan will likely start on Saturday, May 27. The holy month will fall within the hottest and longest part of the year for countries in the …


Extracting Water from Air

Muslim Scientist Extracts Water from Air

Water is a blessing from Allah. It is vital for our survival and is mentioned many times in the Qur’an. “It is Allah who sends the winds, and they stir the clouds and spread them in the sky however He wills, and He makes them fragments so you see the rain emerge from within them. …


Fat cells help liver during fasting

Fat Cells Help Liver during Fasting

With Ramadan just around the corner, many Muslims are beginning to mentally prepare for the tough challenge ahead. Fasting involves abstinence from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. Despite its inherent difficulty, it brings numerous psychological and spiritual benefits as Muslims appreciate Allah for the blessings they have received, remember those who are less …



Muslims in the West: Between Stereotyping and Social Acceptance

Race…religion….skin color…ethnic origin…disability…gender…age…body shape…marital status…family makeup…career choice…favorite food…etc…The list goes on…we are all different! Despite this, so much animosity exists in the world today as a result of these so called differences so it’s important that we learn how to appropriately cope with them to avoid falling into psychological distress as a result. Embracing difference …


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