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Farrukh I Younus has a background in mobile phone strategy across Europe and Asia, and has visited China on more than 25 occasions. Dedicated to understanding and delivering solutions based on new technology, Younus has spoken on the subject to the EU in Brussels, and regularly attends industry-leading conferences. He currently runs a video platform, Implausibleblog, delivering lifestyle content via social media; where his focus is on understanding consumer behaviour with regards to digital content and digital advertising. His interests include travel, nouvelle cuisine, and chocolate.

Author Articles

Back from ISIS: British Muslim’s Thoughts on Shamima Begum

British Muslim Shamima Begum was born in East London to parents originating from Bangladesh. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away, she was targeted online by ISIS recruiters, made that much easier with her frustrations of her father remarrying just months after her mother died. She gathered the money needed to leave …


33 Inspiring Figures Win British Muslim Awards 2019

BRADFORD – The 7th British Muslim Awards took place in the city of Bradford. With over 100 mosques and Muslim community centers in the area of Bradford, the Central Mosque in Westgate, known for its beautiful stained glass windows is a perfect reflection of the richness of color and diversity of British Muslim talents that …


Ilhan Omar & AIPAC: Double Standards Stand Out

After an exceptional campaign, American Muslim politician Ilhan Omar has once again appeared in the news due to a misplaced comment suggesting that America only supports Israel because of the powerful AIPAC lobby which buys off US politicians. Responding to the tweets, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “…Legitimate criticism of Israel’s policies is protected by the …


British Muslim Women March in London

LONDON – Thousands of women gathered in London for the third #WomensMarch, two years after the US President Trump’s inauguration in 2017, as a response to his shameless misogyny. In 2018, the Time’s Up march took place under the banner of #MeToo. And the 2019 march’s theme, Bread And Roses, comes from a march which …


Growing Tradition of Muslim Women’s Leadership

Following hot on heels of Mehreen Faruqi, the first female Muslim senator to take office in Australia in 2018, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, American Muslim Congresswomen, are the latest to join a tradition of Muslim women around the world taking positions of leadership. In an increasingly interconnected world, Tlaib and Omar are much-needed role …


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