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Farrukh I Younus has a background in mobile phone strategy across Europe and Asia, and has visited China on more than 25 occasions. Dedicated to understanding and delivering solutions based on new technology, Younus has spoken on the subject to the EU in Brussels, and regularly attends industry-leading conferences. He currently runs a video platform, Implausibleblog, delivering lifestyle content via social media; where his focus is on understanding consumer behaviour with regards to digital content and digital advertising. His interests include travel, nouvelle cuisine, and chocolate.

Author Articles

Black History Month: Bilal’s Story Is Just the Start

LONDON – When Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and his companions sat together wondering how to call the masses to congregational prayers, it was Bilal, a freed slave, a Black man, who was granted the honor of calling out the now universally known sound; something so very beautiful, that when sung with musical precision …


Attack on Cricklewood Mosque, Terrorism or Accident?

LONDON – Three people were injured after a car drove into pedestrians near The Hussaini Association, a Muslim community center, in Cricklewood, London in the early morning of Wednesday, September 19th. Two of the injured were taken to hospital for treatment. CCTV video footage obtained by the BBC shows the car driving towards the center, …


British Muslims’ 1Eid Festival: Celebrating Together

LONDON – Majority of British Muslims celebrated `Eid Al-Adha on Tuesday, August 21, as mosques across the country opened their doors from early morning with hourly prayers to accommodate the masses. But, outside of the mosques, another tradition was revived, i.e. outdoor celebrations with festivals and funfairs, inspired by the “1Eid initiative.” Led by British …


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