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Farrukh I Younus has a background in mobile phone strategy across Europe and Asia, and has visited China on more than 25 occasions. Dedicated to understanding and delivering solutions based on new technology, Younus has spoken on the subject to the EU in Brussels, and regularly attends industry-leading conferences. He currently runs a video platform, Implausibleblog, delivering lifestyle content via social media; where his focus is on understanding consumer behaviour with regards to digital content and digital advertising. His interests include travel, nouvelle cuisine, and chocolate.

Author Articles

UK Is Going to Early Election, How Muslims See It

UK Muslims Respond to Early Election Call

LONDON – After months of insisting that there will be no early general election, even as recently as Easter Weekend, where Prime Minister Theresa May insisted that our nation is united on the subject of #Brexit, our PM today announced the intention for a general election to be held on June 8th. A reflection of …


UK Muslims British Community Undeterred By Terrorism

British Muslim: We Are Undeterred By Terrorism

A year to the date after the Brussels bombing, London suffered an act of terrorism, as an assailant drove onto a pavement attacking pedestrians, then made his way into parliament where he murdered a police officer before being shot dead. He was just 40 yards away from our Prime Minister Theresa May.


British Islam Conference, Finding Identity in 2017

Held at Amnesty International’s Human Right’s Action Center in London, it is unsurprising that the theme of the British Islam conference focused on addressing and overcoming the perception of them vs us. What is our identity as British Muslims and how do we engage in the society in which we live.


Karen Armstrong  giving her speech in the first day of British Islam conference, London 2017.

Capturing the Spirit of British Islam

Meeting the religious author Karen Armstrong was one of those ‘no way’ moments of life. Energized by a great speech which projected a glimpse of her years of spiritual dialogue, reflected in her transition from conservative Catholicism to spiritually liberal, there was an essence of awe across the room as so many of us listened …


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