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Dr. Mohsen Haredy

Executvie Manager and Editor-in-Chief of E-Dawah Committee of Kuwait

Dr. Mohsen Haredy holds a PhD in Hadith literature from Leiden University, the Netherlands. He is the Executive Manager and Editor-in-Chief of E-Da`wah Committee in Kuwait, and a contributing writer and counselor of Reading Islam. He graduated from Al-Azhar University and earned his MA in Hadith literature from Leiden University.

Author Articles

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): A Model of Change

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): A Model of Change

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is recognized, even by non-Muslims, as the most influential person throughout history. He was raised in a community that worshipped several idols, but he never followed the footsteps of his people. He used to meditation inside a cave called Hira’. At the age of 40, he received …


How Can One Enter Paradise

How Can One Enter Paradise?

Apart from outlining the political foundations, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) laid down the social foundations of the new Muslim community in Madinah. These were his first words which he uttered upon his arrival to Madinah. Imam al-Tirmidhi reported that the Prophet said: “O people! Spread the greeting of peace, feed (the poor and …


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