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Revert's First Ramadan

A Revert’s First Ramadan Experience

I must admit it that as I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ramadan as it was my first that I didn’t know how to make it easy as I was unorganized. I decided that my technique to coping was to take each day at a time and that suited me fine. My first day was…


How to Avoid Arguing Back

If your intentions are to spread knowledge about Islam, try to be more inviting and less defensive, as I often found this undoubtedly pushed people further away from Islam. I feel that although now I regret becoming so defensive and argumentative…


How to Tell Your Family You Are Muslim?

I converted in November 2010 and I kept it a secret for three months. I would leave the house in the morning with no hijab and then run around the corner and quickly put it on, because I knew that islamically I must wear the hijab but I also didn’t want to hurt my mom.


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