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Deepa Kandaswamy is an award winning writer, political analyst and engineer based in India. Her articles have been published in six continents and some of her writing credits include PC Plus (UK), Middle East Policy (US), Christian Science Monitor, Ms., Herizons (Canada), Khaleej Times (UAE), Film Ink (Australia), The Hindu (India), and Gurlz (India). She can be contacted by e-mailing to [email protected].

Author Articles


Save the Earth: By Fasting

Fasting isn’t a new concept for people adhering to Islam. Food fasting is a common practice in many human cultures, as a part of religious practices. Ramadan is a Hijri month that requires daytime fasting; being one of the five pillars of Islam.


Exercise Myths

Ten Myths About Exercise

One of the longest and toughest battles in history was the Battle of the Bulge. The daily battle against bulging body forms is not less hard, if not as bloody. Many people are getting increasingly obese, and obesity is stepping in early nowadays.


Net Addict

Surviving Net: Are You Addict?

Swarmeena, a 22-year-old woman says, “Sad as it may seem, I can’t see myself living without the Internet. When I get home from college at 6:00 p.m., I take my coffee and head towards the computer. I’ll sit there just surfing the Net until about 12:00 a.m. most nights. My relationship with friends and family …


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