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Deana Nassar is a published writer. As a mother of four, in her home she’s the sole expert on all things related to marriage, children’s psychology, motherhood and creative survival. She loves charity work, reading and writing poetry, and is mostly known for writing articles discussing family and social issues, faith, freedom, and purpose that comes through God. She can be reached at [email protected]

Author Articles


Who Said Teens Are Monsters?

Picture for a moment a young child who has never tasted sweets. Now imagine letting this three year- old loose in a sweets store. What do you think will happen? Now take another three year- old who has been allowed to have sweets at times, and who doesn’t live in a home where the candy …



Mind Your Manners

Islam places great emphasis on manners and on the proper way to deal with others, regardless of age, sex, color, religion or creed. Relations between people are very important in Islam, and maintaining good dealings with others should be a main priority of all practicing Muslims of all ages. The importance of this is illustrated …


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