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Deana Nassar is a published writer. As a mother of four, in her home she’s the sole expert on all things related to marriage, children’s psychology, motherhood and creative survival. She loves charity work, reading and writing poetry, and is mostly known for writing articles discussing family and social issues, faith, freedom, and purpose that comes through God. She can be reached at [email protected]

Author Articles

How Muslim Should Deal with Gossip

How Muslim Should Deal with Gossip

It can start up in any small group, beginning with “Did you hear . . . ?” or “I shouldn’t tell you this, but . . . ” followed by some juicy treat about a colleague or friend. Hearing something secret about someone you know (and who knows maybe adding a detail of our own) often brings up a moral predicament. Should we …


Defeating Greed; Six feet of Land

Defeating Greed… Just Six Feet of Land

In high school we studied a novel on defeating greed by Tolstoy called “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” According to the peasant Pahom “Our only trouble is that we haven’t land enough. If I had plenty of land, I shouldn’t fear the Devil himself”. Having overheard Pahom’s remarks, the novel continues, the devil …


Speak Good or Stay Silent... The Art of Conversation

Speak Good or Stay Silent… The Art of Conversation

“Whoever believes in God and the Last Day should speak a good word or remain silent.” (Bukhari) This hadith has triggered much thought with regards to manners in general and manners during conversation in particular. As youngsters we were familiar with the famous quote “If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at …


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