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WhyIslam Outreach Breaks Muslim Ban Ice

The curious gathered as quickly as the table was set up. The interested came to ask their questions even before the informational materials and brochures were spread. The volunteers from WhyIslam, sported bright yellow T-shirts adorned with the question “Is Life Just A Game?” across the front and with the invitation to “Meet A Muslim”, splayed across the back. What’s more, they certainly drew the attention of passersby during a recent outreach activity in a large and popular Houston, Texas, park.


US Muslims & Xmas: Struggling to Cope With Season

For many Muslim families, with no way to escape the overflow of tinsel, lights and general merriment of the season – not to mention the hordes of holiday ads for the latest “it” toy or the newest and shiniest tech devise – they’ve simply opted to go with the flow, exchange a present or two and otherwise not make too much of the holiday.


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