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Brooke Benoit is an editor for SISTERS Magazine (the magazine for fabulous Muslim women) and an occasional artist. She is currently working on a collection of assemblages using found people-made materials near her home.

Author Articles


Why You Should Be Decking the Halls For Ramadan?

While Muslims in the US enthusiastically pull out their stored Rubbermaid tubs marked “Ramadan/Eid,” packed with strings of paper lanterns, electric lights and glass ornaments bought, others find this “new” tradition to be a questionable innovation or another capitalist trapping. It may seem that converted Muslims have simply transferred their old traditions and newly immigrated …



Our Girls’ Needs: Holistic Muslimah Health Guide

In Holistic Muslimah Health series, we review how Allah has designed us in a holistic manner with precious physical milestones, to mark the specific phases of women’s lives- teenage, puberty, pregnancy…etc, and explore women’s psychical and emotional needs and rights. Caring for ourselves– physically, emotionally and religiously – should not in any part be seen as superficial. …


Hajj selfies

Hajj Selfies: A New Trend In Da’wah?

Selfies are another way by which we have the opportunity to know one another. One of my favorite things about this time of year (the Hajj season), is the vintage photographs that circulated among Hajjis doing their rites. Amongst the best are the unforgettable ones of the year Makkah was flooded and Hajjis were swimming …


charitable Muslims

Are Muslims More Charitable Than Others?

Muslims donate more on average than non-Muslims, giving between 20 billion and 1 trillion US dollars annually in alms. While there is some concern about whether or not these alms are properly managed and distributed, another recent study finds that many Muslims find other ways to effectively give of themselves via their time.


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