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Bashar Bakkour is a Syrian researcher in Islamic Studies. He holds BA in Sharī‘a, BA in Arabic (al-Azhar University) and MA in Islamic Studies (Loughborough University, UK). Currently, he is doing PhD in religion and politics at the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC), International Islamic University Malaysia, (IIUM). His books include: Islam and the West between the Myth of Confrontation and the Reality of Cooperation; A Dictionary of Islamic Terms (A-E); A Dictionary of Islamic Terms (A-F);The Prophet Muhammad: The Perfect Example.

Author Articles

Concept of People of the Book in Islam

Concept of People of the Book in Islam

We sometimes tend to use expressions at a general level without paying attention to their religious, or social boundaries. As generality generates ambiguity, this article will explore the meaning of the term ‘People of the Book’, highlighting its origins in the Qur’an and discussing, in brief, the usage and themes associated with it in the …


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