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Anisa Abeytia, B.A. USC , M.A., Stanford is an integrative health specialist currently pursuing a M.S. in Holistic Nutrition. Over the past ten years Anisa has pursued various fields of holistic and traditional medicine. She has studied at the oldest herbal school in the United States and pursued a two year certificate program in Islamic Healing. She writes regularly on the topics of health and nutrition. She maintains the website Women's Healing Circle, a site dedicated to the natural health of women and their families.

Author Articles


This Ramadan Begin Your Path to Health

“In America, one person in three dies of cancer, one in three suffers from allergies, one in ten will have ulcers and one in five is mentally ill. One out of five pregnancies ends in miscarriage and a quarter of a million infants are born with a birth defect each year. Americans spend one dollar out of every fourteen for medical services. We have almost forgotten that our natural state is one of balance, wholeness and vitality.” Fallon, 2001.


Are We Too Clean For Our Own Good

Are We Too Clean For Our Own Good?

Scientist and health care specialist for years have been debating the “hygiene hypothesis,” which asks whether modern humans are too clean for their own good. Recently researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois asked the same question, and found that our ultra-hygienic ways are actually causing us to become sick. How could this be? Does this …


What is Your Teen Eating

What is Your Teen Eating?

As parents, we worry about what our children eat. The marketplace is flooded with information guiding concerned parents on how to nourish their children, but as parents of teenagers will tell you, what works for the under 10 crowd may not always apply to the over 11 set. It is discouraging to see so little …


Your Smile Tells a lot About Your Health

Your Smile Tells a lot About Your Health

Modern dentistry has made mending teeth a common and relatively easy thing. You get a cavity, you head out to the dentist and it gets fixed. A tooth breaks and it can be easily replaced. But teeth trouble goes well beyond what the dentist can do for them because they say more about your overall …


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