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Ahmed Saad is the founding director of Ihsan Institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies-UK. An international speaker and dynamic scholar. ( )

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Prophet Muhammad broke all repugnant inherited cultural practices. Islam unifies people while culture sometimes, divide them and they need to discover what is common.

A Husband by Force?

We are in a free society where people have the right to choose their life-long partners and if Prophet Muhammad were to live in Europe today, he would have been involved in a campaign to correct these wrong practices and give the young people the freedom to marry whomever they chose.


If Prophet Lived in Europe

If Muhammad Were to Live in Europe

The Prophet’s plan was to introduce a better example of active and conscientious citizens who would at least make people view Islam favorably. To a great extent the Prophet managed to achieve this goal and the existence of Muslims in Madinah was a valuable addition to the society.


Jews of Madinah

Was the Prophet Unjust to the Jews of Madinah?

When the Prophet settled in Madinah, he wanted to create a cooperating human community and establish an exemplary civil society at a time when these poor Arabs could never imagine what a civil society could mean. So for the first time in history, he established the pact of Madinah or what I like to call the constitution of coexistence.


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