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Bible Passages Discovered Behind Old Qur’an Manuscript

CAIRO – The eagle-eyed French scholar Dr. Eléonore Cellard has identified shadowy outlines of Bible passages behind an 8th-century manuscript of Qur’an This discovery certainly points to long centuries of interfaith interaction between Muslims and Christians. “This is a very important discovery for the history of the Qur’an and early Islam. We have here a …


Anti-Semitism Is a Sin: German Muslim Leader

BERLIN – The head of Germany’s largest Islamic group has said that anti-Semitism is considered a sin in Islam, and it should be tackled in the German society. “Anti-Semitism, racism, and hatred are great sins in Islam, therefore we will also never tolerate that,” Aiman Mazyek, the head of Germany’s Central Council of Muslims, told …


Islamophobia Is a Main Concern: UK Muslim Students

LONDON – While the biggest concern of Muslim students studying abroad outside the Islamic World was finding halal branches of Nando’s or prayer rooms, today it’s their safety that ranks top of their list of worries. Two years ago, Putri Viona Sari, an Indonesian PhD student at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland was shopping …


What Happened When Victoria Mosques Opened Their Doors?

VICTORIA – Representing a minority in the Australian population, Victoria Muslims opened their doors this month to welcome neighbors, offering them a chance to counter their fear of their neighbors. “Muslims are only 2.6 percent of the Australian population, which means the average Australian will not get to meet the average Australian Muslim,” Saara Sabbagh, …


Facing Backlash, Aurora Library Removes Islamophobic Display

AURORA, Chicago – Aurora Public Library officials apologized to the community after exhibiting a poem that included an Islamophobic display encouraging violence against Muslim women. “On behalf of the Aurora Public Library Board of Directors and staff, I sincerely apologize to the community for the offensive display in the library’s exhibit this weekend,” Library board …


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