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Muslim Basketballer Discusses Discrimination, Advocacy

MASSACHUSETTS – The Rebecca Crown Center in the US invited Somali-American Muslim basketballer Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir Wednesday to address the audience of the ‘Discover Islam’ week event, held by the Muslim-cultural Students Association. “It’s hard to be a Muslim woman in America. It takes strength to walk outside and look different than anybody else,” the former …


Hate Groups in US Grow For Third Year: Report

WASHINGTON, DC – The number of hate groups in the United States expanded significantly last year under President Donald Trump, with anti-Muslim organizations increasing for the third year in a row, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) said. “President Trump in 2017 reflected what white supremacist groups want to see: a country where racism is …


Video Fights Hatred Against Immigrants, Muslims

CLEVELAND – In line with their anti-bullying and anti-racism campaign, two American anti-racism centers cooperated to create a three-minute video that fights hatred of Muslims and immigrants in general. “We decided to do hashtag #RethinkAmerican, as opposed to a #RethinkImmigration. These are real kids we work with all year long. They have very, very powerful …


Taiwan Goes Halal to Attract Muslim Tourists

TAIPEI – Halal dishes and hotels with prayer signs in worshipping rooms are becoming a new trend in East Asia. including in Taiwan, amid hopes to attract more Muslim tourists after the recent decline of Chinese visitors. “We hope to be able to serve tourists, exchange students, or Muslims living in Taiwan. As Taiwanese we …


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