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Beautiful Qur’an Recitation – Surah Luqman

Here is a beautiful Qur’an recitation of Surah Luqman by Mishary Rashid Alafasy. Surah Luqman is the 31st chapter (Surah) of the Qur’an. It has 34 verses (ayat). It was revealed during the Meccan period. It has English subtitles for those who do not understand Arabic.


How To Ask Allah For Help

In times of calamity, the companions used to turn to Allah. They used to have patience and they used to wait for Allah to give them the help they needed. They would even ask Allah to give them patience and they would pray to Allah. This is a very important message about how we can …


Inspiration – Islam And Terrorism

What happens when a Muslim meets a man on the bus? A man looks at the Muslim suspiciously. The Muslim offers him a date and they start talking about Islam and terrorism. The man apologizes for stereotyping him but he only knows about Muslims from the TV. So the Muslim explains more about Islam to …


Tips To Wake Up For Fajr

Do you struggle to pray Fajr? Is it hard for you? Do you need some advice on how to wake up for Fajr? Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan has some wonderful tips for us all to follow to help us wake up for Fajr. It is all about disciplining ourselves, which we all need to do.


How To Attend A Muslim Friday Prayer Service

Are you a new Muslim? Or perhaps you are already Muslim but need some tips on how to attend Friday prayer? This is a fantastic to do list on what you should do when it is time for Friday prayer. Share with new Muslims, people thinking about Islam and born Muslims to help spread the …


10 Lies You Were Told About Islam

Myth busting some of the biggest lies told about Islam with facts and truths. There are many misconceptions about Islam in the West and media jump on the scaremongering wagon because they know many people in the West will believe these lies. This video busts those myths.


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