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People Have Different Levels of Understanding …

Always keep in mind that people have different levels of understanding, because of their background, education, and other factors. In this brief reminder, Sheikh Hamza Yusuf cites several examples from the time of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and reflects on our current times. The Prophet, peace be upon him, during his early period, …


How to Fix a Spiritual Crisis?

What do you do when you have a spiritual crisis? Allah (SWT) gives the example of the tree, in order to teach us about the importance of Iman, and specifically of Tawheed, “la ilaha illa Allah.” The reason is that the very first thing that we have to do to take care of our heart, …


Can One Achieve Inner Peace Without Faith?

Are you able to find inner peace? And are you able to keep this inner peace? Brother Nouman Ali Khan responds to a question from the audience about this topic. The questioner asked: “Iman (faith) has different levels. Is Iman related to peace? Does peace have different levels? Can one attain peace without Iman? Or …


Australian Mosque Open Day

Lakemba Mosque, an Australian mosque in Sydney, organized an Open Mosque day to welcome non-Muslim visitors. The occasion was the National Open Mosque Day, with 14 mosques around the country taking part in the event. In this video, a number of interviews were conducted with non-Muslim visitors, including the following with an non-Muslim Australian man: …


Just Sit Back and Relax: You’re in Good Hands

You are in good hands. Do you trust Allah? There is a Hadith Allah afflicts people He loves just to hear them call on Him. Subhan Allah. It’s only for a short time, if you just keep it in perspective. It’s just like the dentist, he said this is only going to hurt for a …


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