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What Happens In The Grave?

Ever wondered what will happen to you when you are i the grave? The grave will squeeze you. It could be a welcome home hug or it could be a squeeze that will break every bone in the body. It will be very scary and all of us will be terrified. We will be asked …


The Most Dangerous Sin!

What is the most dangerous sin that we will commit? If we are still alive and commit it and ask Allah to forgive us, he will forgive us. However, if we die and we have not sought forgiveness for this sin then Allah will not forgive us. He will forgive us for any other sin …


A Is For Allah

This is a great short video if you are introducing your children to Allah. It is a small introduction to Allah and His characteristics. It is introduced in an easy way for children to understand. Sit and watch it with your children today!


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