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Learn Five Pillars Of Islam – For Kids

Whether you are teaching your children about Islam or you are new to Islam or want to learn more about Islam, this is a wonderful way to learn. You can learn all about the 5 pillars of Islam in a simple and easy to understand way right here! Watch it with your children!


Halaqa: Parents – Our Door To Jannah

An absolutely beautiful reminder that our parents should be honored and respected no matter what. The imam tells the story of Oais Al-Qani who had the chance to meet Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but he didn’t out of dutifulness to his mother. He is one of the people who will go straight to Jannah isA. The …


Inspiration – Power Without Piety

This is a very strong reminder that Prophet Muhammad taught us to give everyone their rights. It is an important lesson to us to understand that no matter what position of power we may hold or how we may have ways to get things in life, if we have no piety it is not going …


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