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I’m Counting On Love -Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

SubhanAllah, on the Day of Judgement, Allah is going to explain to us what all of this life meant. He is going to give us all the bigger picture. We are going to see things that we can’t even imagine and although it is going to be a scary day and a very extraordinary day, …


Are Women Allowed To Travel Alone?

A questioner asks should women travel without a mahram? There is an hadith that the Prophet (PBUH) said that women should not travel alone. However was this hadith just for this time because women were in more danger? Nowadays there is so much technology and advancements to protect her nowadays. Dr. Shabir Ally answers.


How To Perform The Funeral Prayer In Islam

It is a must that all Muslims know how to perform the funeral prayer in Islam. When it is our turn to return back to Allah we will want many people to pray for us. So we should all try to pray for the people as much as we can when someone has died. Here …


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