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The Collapse Of The Ummah

When you see your brother fall, save him, rescue him, let him not fall onto the ground. His fall is the collapse of the whole Ummah. Umar (RA) said this when he heard of a young man who had problems with alcohol. The people did not want anything to do with this man and felt …


Grand Paris Mosque Saving Jews In WWII

Whoever says that Muslims hate Jews are very much mistaken. In the 2nd World War the Grand Mosque in Paris played a huge part in saving many Jewish lives from the Nazis. The Jews knew that the mosque was a safe place to stay and they used to hide in the catacombs. The imam of …


Hollywood, Drugs, Alcohol, Then Islam

Sister Aisha tells her moving story of converting, she was a flight attendant who grow up in Italy then moved to another countries while travelling the world but she didn’t know what’s the purpose of life ? she was following Hollywood and affected by it as she stated so she was lost she became a …


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