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How To Perform Nikkah In A Sunnah Way?

Mufti Menk discusses how to perform Nikkah in a sunnah way. The key is to keep it simple. It is a religious ruling and not a social gathering. When we go from the path of the sunnah, bad things can happen in marriages and the wedding itself.


The Prophet Helped His Wives

Rasha Al-Disuqi discusses how the Prophet (SAW) helped his wives around the home. Nowadays, men don’t like to help whilst his wife is doing all of the work in the house. It is not about how much he does, but the fact that he will help her do dishes, or cook or encourage her rather …


Bishop Micha Reverts To Islam

Ex-Bishop Micha was diagnosed with cancer so was in hospital with nothing to do. He discovered Yusuf Estes revert story, and sent him a e-mail. When he came out of hospital, he was confused and asked Allah to guide him, that is when he got a call from Yusuf Estes! MashAllah!


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