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Hadtih Series: Purpose Of Seeking Knowledge

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “Whoever seeks sacred knowledge to vie with scholars, argue with fools, or capture public notice, Allah will enter him into Hellfire.” (Zad al-Talibin, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah). The intention of seeking knowledge should be something that will benefit us first. We should seek knowledge with sincerity, we should reflect on …


Why Are You Addicted To Video Games & Sports?

Young people play video games and they get that competitive spirit that Allah has instilled in us all and put it all into the video games to make sure that they win. We are supposed to be competitive in nature otherwise we will not succeed. The key is to put it into something right. Brother …


Islam Is Relevant But Are Muslims Relevant?

At the 15th MAS ICNA convention, Muslema Purmul gives a thought provoking speech on are Muslims relevant today. We know that Islam is. Islam is relevant for all times and places. However, Muslims are not. Some do not understand Islam properly and tarnish Islam and its reputation. This speech will make you think.


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