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Hajj in Pakistan

The Culture of Hajj in Pakistan

As thousands of Pakistani Hajjis have already landed at Jeddah airport to pursue their Holy Journey, and thousands more are in the queue, pre-Hajj parties, a centuries-old custom of South Asia to encourage and greet the would-be Hajjis, are on across Pakistan. These parties organized by family members, friends and neighbors in all over the …


Malala, a Hero or a Villain?

Malala Yusufzai, the youngest Nobel Prize winner, has turned out to be a hero and a villain simultaneously in her home country, praised by secular media and politicians and criticized by people who see her as a tool used by the west.


‘Lollywood’ Dons Hijab

Gaining foothold in the south Asian country, hijab is increasingly being donned by public figures, politicians and Lollywood actresses in Pakistan amid increasing religious trends among the literate women class during the last decade.


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